lets sing

resounding through the heavens...


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*miles edgeworth voice* im gay

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Really enjoyed making this, I drew the lineart digitally using a pose from a Mucha painting, and colored it digitally.

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i still havent recovered from that one time i was watching pepa pig with my little niece & found out they got a pet parrot named polly


dont forget dl-6......

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sakura miku from a couple months ago 💗🌱

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without a large user-base I'm eventually going to be forced to make my own funny posts and content, what the fu c k

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become the funnyman

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trans rights are human rights

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A thing i drew for the dailyrosey tumblr!

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me when i wear an adult cheese costume

One of the girls that used to work here until she stole 1000 dollars in scratch tickets keeps comin here and I'm like...are u aware that everyone knows what u did lol

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sorry im chihayaphobic *gives mizuki the dusk role*

Anon I've tracked your IP and I'm on the way.


hi im miles and i dont sleep


idols, overwatch, apex, dnd, and whatever else i tag this as.

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